Marine Waste

Marine Waste

There are different types of waste generated within a specific period and requires different methods of disposal.

Differentiating from port to port, the following sources of waste will be specifically considered:

Waste from shipping, including Quayside Maintenance Local & Foreign

  • Spent oil and lubricants
  • Paint, solvents and waste detergents
  • Waste from ship maintenance activities
  • Sewage
  • Galley waste
  • Sweepings from hatches and engine rooms
  • Slops from holds and tanks
  • Spilt cargo
  • Ballast water
  • General domestic waste
  • Medicinal/Medical waste
  • Spent Batteries
  • Waste from the Dry and Floating Docks
  • Paint and shot grit
  • Waste metal and wood
  • Oil contaminated mechanical parts
  • Waste from Terminal Operators and Tenants
  • Spilt and wasted cargo
  • Leaking storage tanks
  • Debunkering of oils, fuels, grey water…

Waste Collection From Ship Waste

Clearly designated areas are located in each port, and equipped with skips or other appropriate containers, to acceptance of general, domestic waste. The location of these areas will be indicated by large yellow signs with words “WASTE RECEPTION POINT FOR SHIP GENERATED WASTE” in English and appropriate foreign languages. Signs should be of the same size and design in all ports.

Always keeping the environment safe and clear of contamination