Skip Bin Hire

Skip Bin Hire

Various configurations and sizes of containers are provided varying from 2m3 mobile refuse containers, to 12m3 compactor bins, and tube configurations dependent on the composition of the waste streams, volumes generated, the potential for recycling and site limitations.

Some of the skip bin sizes Waste Carriers can offer you and its applications:

  1. Barrow bins – Drop front for easy access via a wheelbarrow to cart builders’ rubble.
  2. 6m3 & 10m3 Skip Bins – General, garden, Industrial, Gully Waste, Sand Blasting Grit etc.
  3. 15m3 & 30m3 RORO BINS – General, garden and bulky factory waste and recyclables.
  4. Mobi-tainer 2m3 – Has wheels and a lid – which has the capacity of 7 black wheelie bins 240 litres– Ideal for Hotels, Shopping Centres, Ports.
  5. Black wheelie bins 240 litres – Ideal for fast food outlets, restaurants, domestic / general waste.
  6. 6m3 Sludge Bins – completely sealed with a vacuum sealed trap to prevent spillage – ideal for removal of Liquid Waste, Sludge and Grey water.
  7. Waste carriers is also the premier brand in the plant hire industry by providing well maintained equipment of excellent quality to the building trade, civil contractors and general public.

Skip Bins

Our fleet of skip bins ranges from:

  • 2m3 Mobi-tainers
  • 6m3 REL – Compactable Waste
  • 6m3 Skip (Lidded /Leakproof) – Hazardous / Liquid Waste / Grits & Screenings
  • 6m3 & 10m3 Skip – General Waste, Scrap Steel etc…

Roro Bins

Our fleet of roro bins ranges from:

  • 10m3 – Sludge / Builders Rubble / General Waste /Asbestos / Green Waste
  • 12m3 & 15m3 – General Waste / Builders Rubble / Grits & Screenings / Asbestos
  • 30m3 & 35m3 – General Waste / Mulch / Baled Recyclables /