Site Clearing and Ground Works

Often site clearance is needed before a construction project can begin. Waste carriers is equip to clear all unnecessary masonry and soil from a site so construction work can start. We’ll also clear any garage and debris, along with any other small or medium-sized buildings you require removed from the property. Waste carriers has extensive experience in the industry supply our services to a wide variety of clients.

We will also responsibly dispose of any waste that needs to be cleared, be organic or non organic, so the space is clear and ready for construction activities. We have worked on many site clearing projects from small to large. We have the right plant equipment for the job. Feel free to contact us should you require professional advise from waste carriers for we have many years of experience in the industry.

Waste carriers has the equipment, personnel & experience to provide efficient and effective site clearing solutions. We have over 17 years’ experience in the industry. Site clearance involves the removing of shrubs, bush, small trees, grass, and any vegetation for the purposes of utilising the land for optimum farming practices.

Waste carriers utilises the following machinery when conducting site clearance

  • Excavators (with various attachments)
  • Front end loaders
  • Waste trucks
  • Bull dozers
  • Horizontal grinders
  • Wood chippers

Our responsibilities


The waste is collected from residential, industrial or commercial areas.


Waste is either taken to a landfill or to our recycling facility where it is separated, baled and resold.


The waste is taken to a licenced landfill site and disposed of in the correct manner.


This is when recovered waste materials such as plastics, paper, glass, metal and cans are salvaged so that they can be reused or resold.

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