About Us

Waste Carriers Pty Ltd is an accredited Waste Management Service Provider, accredited by the City of Cape Town to handle all types of waste, and also a member of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa. We, therefore, abide by all their specified terms, legal conditions, and codes of practice.
Waste Carriers has been in operation for 19 years and is committed to promoting the science and practice of on-site waste management, best professional waste management methods, and the principles of waste minimization, as well as promoting green and sustainable behaviour, thereby ensuring that environmental sustainability becomes entrenched in our daily activities.

We support several community-based initiatives to uplift the local community and are actively involved in waste management education, training, and fun-filled workshops for our clients and the broader community.

We are also a youth-empowered business and have grown from strength to strength, due to the passion that we have for our country, its people, and for the waste industry as a whole and how it affects our environment.

Our history

Waste Carriers, previously known as Move About Transport, was established in 2004, with a highly skilled team driven by commitment and determination. We truly pride ourselves on supplying our clients with the best solution for any Waste Management needs. We provide service excellence to all our clients and our business is based on high ethical practices.  We abide by the principles of corporate governance, and an essential keystone of our long-term objective is to create value for all.

We have adopted a SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, and Quality)  process plan which focuses on developing a scientific approach to dealing with the health and safety issues at the workplace and to protect visitors to the said premises while minimising the risk to the environment, and improving overall quality. We constantly review our processes so that we clearly understand our own operation to enable us to optimize efficiency.

We incorporate our customer’s specific policies and codes of practice where our services are required, which ensures that the implementation of any Integrated Waste Management plan succeeds. This draws strength from any operational systems within our framework of operation and ensures our own continued growth.

What we stand for

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading service provider in the Waste Management industry in South Africa, ensuring a clean, safe and healthy environment for all citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a resilient, sustainable, clean and healthy environment to improve the lives of every citizen, each employee, all associates, business partners, volunteers, clients and suppliers.

Company Values

Responsiveness, Accountability, Innovation, Team Spirit, Respect

Our Values

attention to detail


Every aspect of work requires utmost attention to detail to ensure we provide an error free service and client satisfaction.



Each team member is accountable for his / her own level of excellence in his / her work.



We strive to be innovative in how we conduct our business, and we constantly strive to look for improved ways to render quality services.

team spirit

Team Spirit

Strong and cohesive teams ensure service excellence and constant improvement in productivity.



We respect all, our clients, our suppliers and most importantly, the environment and all its inhabitants.

Our Responsibilities

waste collection

Various waste is collected from residential, industrial, agricultural or commercial areas.

waste transportation

The collected waste is transported to our recycling facility for separation, baling and resale. Thereafter, only unrecyclable waste is sent to landfill for disposal.


This is the recovery operation or process by which waste materials, that would otherwise be thrown away as trash,  is reprocessed into products, materials or substances whether for the original or other purposes/products.


Waste Carriers implement effective waste disposal methods that include recycling, reuse, recovery and beneficiation technologies to help mitigate the harmful effects of landfill waste on the environment. We wholeheartedly support the “zero waste to landfill” initiative.

BBBEE Level 1

We are very proud to be a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) contributor. We strongly focus on empowering diverse people at all levels, and on building an inclusive environment. We work incredibly hard to ensure equality and diversity in the workplace, and want each employee to feel included, empowered, and welcomed, so we can all contribute our best.