Waste Carriers supports several community based initiatives to uplift the local community

                     Environmental awareness and action starts at a local level

Education, Training, and Development is essential if we are to Win the War on Waste!

We support several community-based initiatives to uplift the local community and are actively involved in waste management education and training, by way of fun-filled workshops for our clients and the broader community. Within the broader community, the training equips and empowers participants to have a better understanding of waste.

Our presentations range from fun-filled toolbox talks to more in-depth coaching and informative training of employees, developing “greening” skills that lead to positive lifestyle changes.

We have school and community awareness drives, ongoing projects, and more intensive clean-up projects, involving other interested and affected organizations, businesses, governmental departments, and the public.

Key examples include:

  • Waste Management Education and Training to the unemployed from disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape
  • Support community school recycling programmes