Staff Induction Training

As one of South Africa’s largest independent waste management companies, Waste Carriers has always strived to create solutions that contribute to a better society and improve people’s lives. When you’ve been in business for as long as we have, there’s no shortage of stories to tell.

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment, leading by example in our projects, our own business operations, and by our role in giving back to society. We are actively involved in waste management education and training, by way of fun-filled workshops for our clients and the broader community. Within the broader community, our training equips and empowers participants to have a better understanding of the waste industry.

Our general workers, operators, and site supervisors enjoyed a fun-filled induction training programme.
The purpose of the training was to help employees settle into their positions, to understand the different types of equipment, systems, and procedures.
There were a lot of discussions on how to operate the different types of equipment such as front-end loaders, excavators, shredders, horizontal grinders; how to check oil and hydraulic levels, and pre and post inspections.


Abdullah Frieslaar, the Project Manager shared, “We went through all the different types of equipment one by one, because the machines are not the same, they all have different purposes.”

Staff members who attended the training had to write a theory assessment to test their knowledge and skills and see if they understood the induction training.

“The test covered topics such as explanation of roles and responsibilities, Safe Operating Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Pre and Post Inspection, Time Management, Manual Handling Equipment, Health, and Safety practices and policies, PPE, Machine Safety test, Weekly Schedules, Team Meeting, Administrative Work”, added Abdullah.

“The training was so helpful, and I learned a lot and benefited so much. I’m very excited about the new year, as I will start afresh and implement a lot of new things that I learned,” says Darlington Manyofa.

Abdullah shared, “I am very proud of Thandile Dumezweni, who started off working for Waste Carriers as a general worker in 2019. Through his strong work ethic and discipline, Thandile showed great potential, and as a company, we’re always looking for opportunities to empower our employees and for candidates that can be upskilled and promoted to new positions.


We trained Thandile on our wide range of equipment and provided training courses to enhance his knowledge. He then became a team leader, where he was running a team of 4 people and recently got promoted to a supervisory position. He is now running a team of 6 to 10 people, and has a loader, excavator, and shredding machine under the site he supervises.

“I’m very proud of my employees, because they’re at work every day, from Monday to Sunday, with no complaints. They show great commitment, passion, drive and willingness to learn and grow in their careers. Thank you for always putting in effort.”